Hello, world. This is my new blog that I plan to post to semi-regularly. But I must warn you, chances are this blog is not for you as I am creating it for nearly all selfish reasons. It is a place to sort out my thoughts, scratch an itch, record important happenings, and to improve my communication skills. Topics will range from the highly technical (C++, Objective-C, ruby, electronics, physics) to the totally mundane.

I decided to hack this thing together using a static site generator called nanoc and host it using Amazon S3. As you can see, it is really basic at the moment, and hopefully that will improve over time. Right now I am enjoying the technical aspects of putting it together as much as I am writing it.

Actual entries using Markdown for the most part. Back in the 90s a very-wise colleague told me that the only file format that lasts is plain old, human-readable text. It is a sentiment that I hear echoed again and again. Markdown strikes a deft balance between the needs of formatting and human readability.

I will have a lot to say about later on.