I am sort of a neat freak. This wasn’t always the case. Back in high school, my Dad used to complain about my room being a mess and me not making my bed. It was true, I didn’t really care. But then something changed after I got out of college and started living on my own. I became considerably more organized or at least aware of being organized. My bed gets made, the dishes get done, the toliet bowl gets clean. These are all good things.

Good organization remains an ellusive concept for me. In the last year or so I feel like I am about 75-80% away from perfect organization. This year, at the beginning of 2019, I decided to become more organized. The problem with that resolution is that I didn’t really define what that was. So here we go.

Ten Elements of Good Organization

The wishlist. These are all elements of what it means to be “perfectly” organized.

  • Everything that I own is known
  • Everything has a place
  • No junk drawers, no junk
  • Everything is in working order and good condition
  • Refrigerator and pantry never have expired items
  • Bills are always paid on time
  • Realtime financial accounting (taxes, etc)
  • Tasks completed ahead of schedule
  • Important days planned for
  • Physical and digital disaster plans in place

Being organized is about being able to do more in less time. If you are organized, finding things is usually [a constant time operation] instead of a linear one.

The role that technology plays in the organization is huge. Yes, systems are everything. There are tons of tools for accompishing this so-called perfect organization. The most important thing is to select a set of tools and stick with them. Simple systems tend to be better than elaborate ones.

So I have about six months left to get there. Maybe I can push from 75-80% to somewhere closer to 90-95% if I work at it.