Hello, this is Ray Fix. Welcome to my blog. I am the cofounder and lead developer at Pelfunc, Inc. a small startup in San Diego, CA. Before that I worked as a software engineer at Cognex Corporation based in Natick, MA. This is my personal blog and the views expressed are my own; not necessarily those of my current or past employers.

My favorite computer languages include Swift, C++, Objective-C, Ruby, and R. I have a fairly strong backround in computer vision and machine learning. I also dabble in many other technologies.

I hold a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Japanese from BYU.

In addition to my busy life working at a startup, I am currently one of the co-organizers of the Orange County iOS Group and volunteer helping to run the website for the annual C++Now conference. I also enjoy participating in MOOCs such as Coursera.

Find me on twitter @rayfix.